The flat-weave Trend

Used for more than two thousand years, flat-weave rugs are the original style of floor covering.
Middle Eastern cultures were the first to use flat-weave rugs in their home as decoration, saddle pads and prayer rugs due to their durability, practicality and use of colour. Today those benefits are still what attracts us to flat woven rugs.

Flat-weave rugs are often thinner than hand-knotted rugs which makes them extremely versatile. They are also reversible so you can use both sides of the rug. Available in a variety of colours and styles, from a traditional colourful kilim to a relaxed sisal weave and everything in-between.
All of these reasons have seen an increase in popularity in flat woven rugs. Ideal for any use, from a dining room to the bedroom or a formal lounge, flat woven rugs compliment a variety of styles and homes.

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