The Retro Chic Collection

The Retro Chic Collection takes its inspiration from an old rug making technique initially brought to the United States by early immigrants. These rugs became very popular during the Great Depression when people had to do with what they had and make their rugs with old scraps of clothing or any other fabric they could find.

Our Retro Chic rug collection is genuinely hand made in Southern Turkey, applying the recycling idea of the rag rugs to the traditional kilim weaving technique. Making use of divers materials such as cotton, wool, scraps of fabrics and polyester, these rugs feature a soft yet hard wearing texture.
Being hand made, there is an amazing richness and sense of aesthetic unity through them. Each rug is the result of extraordinary colour combinations as more than a hundred shades are employed to create a piece, giving them their charm and charisma. At the same time, visible stitching, added embroidering, mismatched sizes and colours offers a large variety of possibilites regarding their inclusion either in a modern or contemporary space. Go for a comforting striped design or a colourful patchwork to add vibrancy and originality to your interior.

Not only the fact that they are eco friendly in recycling old fabrics, they are also very easy to maintain and clean as they can simply be dry-cleaned.

Browse our Retro Chic Collection and find the one that will bring your room back to life or send us an enquiry for an exact quote on creating a custom made piece for you, keeping in mind that since each piece is unique, colours and pattern variations will differ slighly.


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