The Antique Revival Collection

Our Antique Revival Collection is genuinely made in Turkey using high quality materials. The art of the patchwork is a craft that is at least 500 years old and there is no wonder why they have become such a statement piece in the design industry.

Each rug is the result of a long process of fabrication. It all starts from collecting original antique carpets at least 40 years old, the best cuts and pieces being kept and reused to create our collection. These individual rug parts are then overdyed with vibrant colours such as fushia, yellow, turquoise or even neutral shades of greys, browns and cream. This particular technique allows the antique original patterns and designs to be still visible after the dying process and this is what gives our patchworks their handmade and distinctive look. The patches are then hand stitched together to create a new rug that will last for another half a century.

As the pieces constituting the patchworks are all unique, each rug has got its own design and look. A balance between tradition and modernization with these attractive and highly eye-catching rugs.
The Antique Revival Collection can be made to order. Send us an enquiry for an exact quote on creating a custom made piece for you, keeping in mind that since each piece is unique, colour and pattern variations will differ slightly.


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